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Teaching Philosophy


“Teach the student, not the subject.” –Dorothy Delay


I firmly believe that one of the most important educational opportunities that we can bestow upon on our children is the opportunity to play an instrument. Playing music is more than just playing the notes on the page with proficient technical skill—it is an exciting artistic experience that helps to build confidence, forge friendships, learn responsibility and teamwork, all while having fun! Because of this, my teaching approach is built around my sincere desire to instill in my students a love for music that will last far beyond their time spent in formal education.

It is also my goal to make playing the violin and viola an enjoyable experience, rather than uncomfortable one. I strive to help my students develop a comfortable, natural, and healthy mechanical foundation by placing a heavy emphasis on helping the body to work with the instrument, rather than working against it. In order to help achieve this, I frequently ask my students lots of questions during their lessons, leading them to discover a deeper understanding of the instrument, their own artistic identities, and how to critically analyze their playing. Because all bodies are built differently, it is impossible to tell a student precisely what to do and expect that what works for one will work for another. Instead, I have a discourse with my students by asking them questions, helping them to think critically about their playing, and allowing them to make important self-discoveries, rather than forcing them to blindly follow a set of regimented, cookie-cutter methods.


It is my hope that, through music, I can help my students to develop problem-solving skills that will serve them well in any discipline that they may pursue in the future. Above all, it is my goal to provide a fun, safe, and nurturing environment that enables self-discovery and facilitates a love for music that will last a lifetime.


Lessons are currently being taught either virtually or from Macie's home studio in Mission Viejo.

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